Promoter: David Waters

David is “like super awesome.” He has been doing shows for 12 years. He has been promoting for 9 years. He has done 12 shows by his self. He has competed in six countries (Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, US); Six states (KY, VA, MD, TN, IL, OH). He does all events/competitions.

David (Dave) has won:

Manas Strongest Man 1st Place

Kangahar Strongest Man – 1st Place Heavyweight

Iviano Strongest Man – 1st Place Heavyweight

Iencirlik Strongest Man – 1st Place Heavyweight

Natural Worlds in Hungary – 12th Place

Delaware Dec. 2013 – 5th Place

Why does Dave compete/promote Strongman? Besides being awesome, of all the sports he has ever played or participated in, there is more teamwork and comradery in this solo sport than in any other. Dave has also played Soccer and Football at semi pro levels. Strongman is Family.

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